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Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super SaiyansEdit

Gaiden: Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku
Written by Takao Koyama (story)
Starring Masako Nozawa (Son Gokū / Son Gohan / Tullece)Ryo Horikawa (Vegeta)Toshio Furukawa (Piccolo)Takeshi Kusao (Trunks)Hiromi Tsuru (Bulma)Naoko Watanabe (Chi Chi)Toku Nishio (Mr. Popo)Tomiko Suzuki (Dende)Ryuusei Nakao (Freeza / Coola)Hisao Egawa (Monster / Goddo Gadon)Yuusaku Yara (Slug)

Shinji Ogawa (Dr. Raichi) Joji Yanami (Kaiosama/Narration)

Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate Super Saiyans (ドラゴンボールZ外伝 サイヤ人絶滅計画, Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku) was the first Dragon Ball Z original video animation (OVA). It was originally released on home video cassettes in Japan on August 6, 1993 between episodes 195 and 196. The OVA has since been re-released on DVD in Japan as an extra feature of the Dragon Box collection in 2003. The OVA is being completely reconstructed, re-scripted, and re-edited for release in North America and Europe, and will come with every copy of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2.


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|} wgAfterContentAndJS.push(function() {if (window.showTocToggle) { window.tocShowText = "show"; window.tocHideText = "hide"; showTocToggle(); } });==Plot[2]Chikyū-Hen[3]The Ghost Warriors Dr. Raichi is one of the only survivors of the Tuffles, a race that once lived on Planet Plant before the coming of the Saiyans. The Saiyans not only massacred the entire Tuffle race, but also stole their technology and conquered the planet, renaming it Planet Vegeta in honor of their king. Raichi managed to escape with a capsule and found refuge on the Dark Planet, a world at the end of the universe. His only wish is to eradicate the last remaining Saiyans.==Overview[5]6]== [7]Before Hatchiyack's appearance in a powerful bodyAdded by Jeangabin666To do this, Dr. Raichi puts devices on Earth that emits Destron Gas and destroys all life. When Mr. Popo finds out that only a few hours are left until the planet's destruction, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Piccolo rush to destroy the evil devices located around the planet. They manage to destroy all but one that is protected by an impenetrable energy barrier. However, Frieza, Cooler, Turles and Lord Slug appear and engage the heroes in individual fight. It is revealed by King Kai that the villains are ghost warriors, and will continually come back to life when killed unless defeated in the same way their lives were originally ended.

Fighting Hatchiyack[8][9][10]Hachihyaku when he is about to get Dr. Raichi down to the Dark Planet and engage him, discovering that his ghost warriors are generated by a machine called Hatchiyack, a device powered by the hatred of the Tuffles. It is also revealed that Dr. Raichi is a ghost warrior himself, generated by Hatchiyack. When Vegeta vaporizes Raichi, preventing him from re-materializing, the hate Dr. Raichi had causes Hatchiyack to exceed its limit. Hatchiyack appears in a powerful android body, whose power is said to match or perhaps even exceed Broly's, according to Goku. Hatchiyack devastates the heroes until the Saiyans, after having transformed into their Super Saiyan states, combine their powers together into one massive wave of energy (Goku using Kamehameha, Gohan using Masenko, Trunks using Burning Attack, Vegeta using Final Flash, and Piccolo using Special Beam Cannon), ending the threat of the ghost warriors.however in a an alternate ending, Turles ends up killing Gohan instead.frieza ends up killing trunks vegeta instead slug end killing piccolo instead and cooler ends up killling goku instead as the z fight are to week form the gas and turles frieza cooler slug become stronger for hateing the saiyans Turles attacks Gohan in Plan to Eradicate the SaiyansEdit

Plan to Eradicate Super Saiyans was released following the Famicom video game of the same name in the form of two VHS cassettes, dubbed "Official Visual Guides" to the video game predecessor. Indeed, the OVA served as a sort of "animated walkthrough" for the game. In 1994, footage from the OVA was turned into a digital comic (a video game entirely made of animated sequences, in which the player's only task is to choose between several options to go to the next sequence) for the Playdia.

2010 release[11]Edit

[12]The Z Fighters return on Earth Added by arguments about gaining the license to release it on DVD in English started when news about Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! was first heard. However, this became a reality when an English version was announced to be releasing with Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2. According to Namco Bandai, "The exclusive new feature entitled Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans is a completely reconstructed, re-scripted and re-edited version of an original Japanese episode that has never been released in the U.S or Canada, offering something unique to fans of the series. Everyone who buys the game can watch this exclusive anime straight out of the box. Namco Bandai has confirmed that the footage will not be english dubbed but instead have english subtitles.

The storyline of this movie is supposed to take place during the ten-day wait prior to the Cell Games, after the events of Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan (as Goku states that Hatchiyack might be even stronger then Broly). In the OVA, Vegeta can be seen performing the Final Flash, a technique that he developed on his Super Vegeta form against Cell's second form (which occured in the episode 146, "Trunks Ascends", maintaining continuity), and Goku is still alive (his death occured during the Cell Games).

The movie fits here in the time line but, like in Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, Gohan and Goku are seen outside their Super Saiyan forms, which we didn't no if they transform out of during that period. we dont see all 10 days Also, in the OVA, Trunks has short hair; this is after training on the Hyperbolic Time Chamber where Trunks lets his hair grow (in Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan he had them long). some can get canfused over this but bulma cut trunks hair that is way it not long in this movie bulma did cut his hair in the show so am sure she cut his hair for this movie

There is also the issue of Lord Slug and Turles having menaced the Z Fighters at some point in the past. Their respective movies are difficult to fit within the series timeline.


At the time when the NES, the OVA and Playdia versions of the story were released, the outside world hardly knew anything due to news and technology not being as advanced as today. Once word of this special was first heard, many thought at first that the OVA was clips from a game strung together to form a movie.


  • Among the "ghost warriors", Turles is the most unusal considering the fact that he is a Saiyan. According to the phantom Turles, his hatred for Saiyans is greater than Frieza's, Cooler's, or Slug's. This is somewhat ironic as Turles is embodiment of the typical evil Saiyan. This is made even more ironic by the possiblity that Turles could be old enough to have fought in the Saiyan-Tuffle War.

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Outside DBZ video games, "Plan to Eradicate Saiyans" & its remake "Plan to Eradicate Super Saiyans" are the only time Frieza & Cooler are shown interacting. This is also the only film where Vegeta confronts Frieza while in his Super Saiyan form (Goku & Trunks have already done so & Adult Gohan confronts Frieza in Fusion Reborn). It is also the first and only time, Future Trunks & Vegeta encounter the villains, Turles and Lord Slug.

  • Plan to Eradicate Saiyans and its remake, establish the history of the Saiyans (arriving on Planet Plant following the destruction of their original homeworld), the Tuffles, and the Saiyan takeover of Planet Plant/Vegeta (basically expanding on the story told in the anime).
  • They are the only films in which the villain was of Tuffle origins (with Dr. Raichi being the ghost of a Tuffle himself). The concept of a villainous Tuffle out for revenge on the Saiyan race would later turn up again in the form of the villainous Machine Mutant, Baby.
  • The remastered version featured in Raging Blast 2 is the first Dragon Ball Z movie with Kai music. how ever an alternate/bad ending, Turles ends up killing Gohan instead frieza ends up killing vegeta trunks instead slug ends up killing piccolo innstead and cooler ends up killing goku instead and dr raichi some happy that the saiyans are dead more happy that gohan is killed and frieza said gohan and the others saiyans long with picoclo are to easy for us to kill that gohan the ohrters war to week to do there low strength doing there fight turles make fun if how week gohan is he call gohan he say your to slow
  • kid your weak saiyan boy you cant win gohan if all saiyans gohan out all the z fighter get beating up the most in his fight gohan was no much for turles to the gas that was sucking his engery way form him and do to turles get stronger and stronger and fast to how much he hate the saiyans witch gohan is only haff saiyan but turles dos not care and in a an alternate ending, hatchiyack base super giant ends up killing Gohan the orhters instead gohan is the youngst saiyan to die at his age he died 5 times in the alternate endings i do not know if he dies more then as i not seen all the an alternate endings


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