Momozono Love is a 14-year-old schoolgirl freshman at Public Yotsuba Junior High School in the series Fresh Pretty Cure!. She is being taught dancing by Chinen Miyuki, the leader of dancing group "Trinity", whom she admires. She later forms a group with her childhood friends, Aono Miki and Yamabuki Inori, which she calls "Clover". Love has dirty blond hair that is shoulder length which she wears in two tight ponytails at the top of her head.Love's mother works at a grocery store, and her father works for a wig maker, along with Buki, Cure Pine's, dad. FPC06 Her Pickrun, the Pirun, is pink and wears a chef's hat on its head. Love's alter ego is Cure Peach (キュアピーチ Kyua Piichi?). Her catchphrase is Get that happiness! (しあわせゲットだよ! Shiawase getto da yo!?).