Gryll and has team after failing with super huaman water train to get stornger and then the utira drink that incrase there fighter skill so that become far stonger then then goten trunks

Omega Shenron DBS

and once gryll and has man find out trunks and goten on the plant agian he fight them goten trunks battle gryll bare footed but porf to be no match for him as gryll delvoes punch to

goten stomach makeing the boy and delvoes punch to trunks stomach make him spit he soon hits trunks goten in there faces back of there necks and aigan in there stomachs goten t runks turn ssj beat get beaitng harder and then kncok trunks goten out with knee to there stomachs with goten trunks out cold gryll easly tied them up with rope that drians there ki

soon after thank to water pwoe he able had trunks goten power to has own make him has man stong and then he figth gt kid goku gt pan hit them in there stomachs and facea and necks

tell the hurt with gt kid goku pan hrut gryll grab them by drian some of there power then tell them he has trunks goten so gt kid goku pan surrdner and allow themselves to be tied up

in rope with there shoes socks remove leaveing them bare footed

soon after beat and many others are defeatd and tied up and gryll has team get stornger by copying there powers and had it to there own wi trunks goten gt kid goku pan beat and

many others reman tied up and bare footed on the plant tell there minds are corrupted and there braianwahsed and they sever gryll and has team