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Bulma (ブルマ, Buruma; lit. "Bloomers") is a supporting protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga, and in the animes Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. She is a scientist and the second daughter of Capsule Corporation's founder Dr. Brief and his wife Mrs. Brief,[12] the younger sister of Tights,[11] and is Goku's first friend.[1][3] She used to be the girlfriend of Yamcha,[8][13] but moved on and, eventually, became the wife of Vegeta. With him she had a son named Trunks and a daughter named Bulla. She lives in West City all her life, and her address is listed as WST 3338926 K.[7] Her Citizen Number is SSC 41453.[14]


Bulma is the most significant female character in the series. Aside from Goku, Bulma is the single longest-running character in the entire meta-series, being introduced in the first Dragon Ball chapter and episode, and maintaining a prominent role until the final chapter of the manga and the final episode of Dragon Ball GT.

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